cUSTOM Aluminum & Steel Fabrication

3855 Crawfordville Road

tALLAHASSEE, fl 32305 

(850) 544-1831

A. Wright Welding LLC.

  • Welding of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel

  • Fabrication and installation of small- to mid-size structural steel projects

  • Fabrication and installation and design of all types of railings including: ornamental, modern, cable-rail, custom aluminum powder-coated & FDOT aluminum rails

  • Fabrication and installation of structural stair sections

  • On-site welding (mobile welding)

  • Fabrication of miscellaneous items for commercial kitchens

  • Fabrication and repair of marine products

  • Repair of all types of trailers including: utility, flatbed, boat, horse and lawn

  • We have the expertise and the equipment to cut, bend, punch, drill and roll metal